12:12 Spells.

Protective Hedge Subscription.

Our global team and prayer partners will unite to consistently channel positive energy, send meditative transmissions and pray for you to invoke the protective powers of Elohim, the God of gods, to continually protect you from curses, dangers, and the evils of this world.
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Hedge of protection

Subscription includes:
Protection From:

And Blessings To:

Subscription also includes our

Supplication Services.

Protection invocations:
3 am, 6 am, 9 pm, midnight.

Energy Channeling Program:
Held every other EVEN hour
12 pm, 4 pm, etc.

Meditative transmissions:
Held every other ODD hour
1 pm, 5 pm, etc.

Global Alter (Virtual)
Invocations, Prayers,
Energy Channeling
Meditative services

Hedge of protection Mthly, Qtly, Yrly

Why subscribe?

The best reason to subscribe is that you are enlisting a global team of spiritual warriors to continually cover you in positive energy and offer up prayers to invoke the God of gods' protective powers to protect you from dangers and the evils of this world. And to help you enjoy your full measure of rewards of his blessings.

However, the main reason you should want this continual intercession is to help prevent evil powers from enslaving you and dictating your life. If you're not living the dream - it's because you have fallen into one of the many schemes of the enemy who continually plots against you.

You have a divine right to prosper in every aspect of your life. Yet, those who govern this world disagree. They believe that a life of luxury is not for the masses. No, not at all; it's reserved only for a few of the privileged. And the only way these governing parties, the 1%, get to live that secret life of luxury is by oppressing you and every other member of society.

The 1%, specifically the demonic powers who run the show, oppress the masses using various methods. Such as Evil entities \ Dark spirits, Curses \ Negativity, Dangers, and Harm, Worldly schemes and systems, all to ensure you're bondage and their continued control.

These wicked ones are on a never-ending quest to rob you of your divine right to live in peace and prosperity. They curse, oppress, destroy and kill nonstop. Therefore, it is wise to enlist our global team of spiritual warriors to continually cover you in positive energy and prayers to invoke the Great Spirit to constantly protect you from the evils and dangers of this world.

And let us not forget the fact that you get to enjoy your entire portion of Yahweys blessed rewards (a life of peace and prosperity) with this hedge of protection. We offer the best spiritual service to keep you protected from Curses, Negativity, Evil entities, Dark spirits, Schemes of the devil, Dangers and Harm. The subscription offers you continual coverage.

And in this world, continual invocations and protection are needed.

Hedge of protection Mthly, Qtly, Yrly