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Learn the truth about spells. I'm writing this to dispel misconceptions and answer this question, What is Divine Magic?

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What is Divine Magic?

The Good News

Welcome. I'm so happy you have shown an interest in gaining godly wisdom and are willing to learn more regarding the misconception about using divine magic and sacred spells.

First things first, and to dispel any confusion about us or our services, we want you to know that we only call upon our heavenly father, the God of gods, which is the one and only true God.

Where did the phrase magic spell originate? When referring to a magic incantation, the word spell is strictly Germanic (from the noun spel) and refers to a talk or storytelling.

It is also a derivative (which translates to "good tale, sermon, gospel and or intercession") and considered a link or bridge to the magical power of divine sources.

And let's look at the word gospel. What does it mean? Could it have any link to our topic: spells? Old English godspel "glad tidings announced by Jesus; one of the four gospels," literally "good spell," from god "good" (see good (adj.)) + spel "story, message" (see spell (n.1)).

A translation of Latin bona adnuntiatio, itself a translation of Greek euangelion "reward for bringing good news". The first element of the Old English word originally had a long "o," but it shifted under mistaken association with God, as if "God-story"

The mistake was very natural, as the resulting sense was much more appropriate than that of 'good tidings' for a word which was chiefly known as the name of a sacred book or a portion of the liturgy.

The word passed from English to continental Germanic languages in ways that indicate the first element had shifted to "God," such as Old Saxon godspell, Old High German gotspell, Old Norse goðspiall. These versions point to a meaning of anything as true or good.

Hmmm, so the word gospel literally means "good spell" from God. WOW. Yet that within itself has been twisted as the gospels point to the story of Jesus. And that's is a big story that I'll discuss yet another day.

What about divine magic? Is it evil? Divine magic is also known as Godlike/Holy/Sacred Magic. It is from divine origin, connected to a divine source.

Divine magic is a sanctified and sacred form of magic that uses divine forces to achieve otherwise impossible feats. Author Doreen Virtue has written a book and says divine magic can vastly improve your life.

Per my conversation on the home page, many falsely conclude that magic and spells are evil. That's not to say that other spellcasters can't use them for malicious purposes, but that does not make magic or spell work Evil.

We can't speak for how others use these divine tools. That's just a sign of the dark times we're living in today and the confusion of these times. Nevertheless, the misuse of these sacred tools is one of the reasons some people link them to wickedness.

Another reason for the misconception, per my conversation on the home page, is how words tend to lose their original meanings and are morphed into something else as time passes. Like the term gay meant happy, it is now associated with people who prefer a partner of the same gender.

But the most prominent stigma comes from what some people believe the bible says about this subject. However, in truth, the word spell is never mentioned in the bible. The confusion about this subject comes from the word sorcerer and or sorcery.

When someone says sorcery today, people tend to think of wizards and witches, especially black magic. And there are plenty of wizards and witches out there today who do offer black magic services.

However, back in biblical days, wizards and witches who practiced black magic were called magicians because they use illusion and deceptions in their practices. And their primary goal is to distract from the miraculous powers and blessings of God.

And I concede that because there are people who dabble in black magic, it certainly adds to the confusion that a large portion of society has when we mention spells. But this again is a sign of the end times. Not that spells are inherently maleficent.

As it was then, such as back in the days of Noah, large portions of society will become corrupt once again, which leads to the end of days. And the intention of those who embrace their corruption is to create confusion and chaos to control the masses.

In truth, the end times play a massive part in the confusion of this subject and God's blessings in general. But that is a discussion for another day and not the topic I'm teaching about here.

Thus let us get back on track. When the scribes were writing the bible, sorcerers and sorcery did mean the same thing today as they did then.

Another factor in the misunderstanding that people have about the sorcerers mentioned in the biblical text occurs due to the erroneous teachings of the priests and pastors of the modern mainstream churches. Again, this is another topic that I will fully address later.

For the most part, the misunderstanding occurs due to the improper translation of precisely what sorcery meant back then, not what it has morphed into today.

kashaph is the actual word in Hebrew, which is now rendered as sorcerer today. However, back then, Sorcerers were what we would consider in the modern era, the scientist of their day. They were not per se evil, but that was the perception of those early scientists.

We can use history to help gain a clear picture of this misperception. Let's look at the early Roman Catholic Church regarding matters of astronomy. The church taught that God put earth as the center of the universe, making earth special and powerful, and any other teaching was considered blasphemy.

Nicolaus Copernicus and Galileo were astronermers. And according to the biblical text and the early church, astronomers were deemed as wicked. In this example, members of the early Catholic Church believed that the earth was at the center of everything. And we all know that's not true.

Yet the Roman Catholic Church forced Galileo Galilei, one of the founders of modern science, under threat of torture to recant his theory. Copernicus did not face persecution because he died after publishing his discoveries. Else he to would have faced persecution.

Let's not stop there; what about the Salem witch trials? Puritans were strict Christians who believed that you served the devil if you were not part of their faith. Furthermore, the Salem witch hunts were fueled by misleading and forced confessions regarding many women who practiced holistic or folk medicine known as healers.

However, the church labeled them as witches. Thus the church encouraged the killing of people they called witches, even though most of these women were not witches. But just like Nicolaus Copernicus and Galileo, they were all falsely labeled and wrongly persecuted.

The point I'm making is that the early church and still to this day, the modern church, enforce their beliefs on the misinterpretation of the word sorcery and sorcerers in the biblical writings.

As I said above, back then, Sorcerers were what we would consider in the modern era, the scientist and doctors of their day. Most were not evil and had nothing to do with linking spells to wickedness.

But this does reveal the anomaly and misunderstanding of spells and spellcasting. The only way to determine a spell's divine purpose or evil intent is by examing the source called upon by the one using them.

And again, I say, to remove any misunderstanding about us or our services, we only call upon the God of gods, our heavenly father. However, this then uncovers an even bigger misconception and forces us to disclose why we include words like spells or spellcasting on our site.

Due to the erroneous teachings of the mainstream religions, coupled with the dark days we live in, The masses have lost faith in Almighty God's miraculous power. Thus those experiencing troubles are turning to alternative sources in the hope to find the blessings they seek.

Therefore, we find it an absolute necessity to reclaim the proper uses of gods' divine tools that are now being misused by those actively offering occult services. Thus, we have included the word spells to attract those who have lost faith in God and do not use google to search for blessings.

And, of course, we include phases like blessings to attract those who are well aware of the miracles God can perform. In closing, I say this to the believer, the nonbeliever, and those who lack faith.

We only call on the Creator, who is known as the Heavenly Father. The Creator has authority over all things and has command over the Angels, Demons, Deities, Spirits, and power over Unseen and Unknown forces.

Furthermore, all things become possible when you allow the Creator to get involved. Every need, want, or wish can be satisfied. We are not magicians. Our work is not illusionary.

We are servants of God almighty. Our mission is to reveal that God is ever ready and willing to help you, no matter what. It does not matter what you believe, what you have done, or whether your a saint or were labeled by the mainstream church as a so-called sinner.

Suppose you are unhappy. Unfulfilled, unloved, can't find love, suffering from a broken relationship, have health conditions, struggle due to lack, loss, or misfortune, want to improve upon any aspect of your life, or have a need that's not named here.

Know this, all misfortune, bad luck, suffering, heartache, poverty, debt, setbacks, mishaps, and all other disorders are conditions set in motion by the dark forces that be.

God wants to set you free so that you can prosper in every way. God is ready and can manifest any results you desire. The Creator can produce results even if you have tried other sources that have failed you.

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