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Spell To Have Someone Call You.

Stop waiting and wishing for a specific person to make contact with you. Instead of moping about, checking your phone every other minute because you thought you heard the sound of a text message, become proactive. There is no better way to have someone call you than to get in their head and have them start thinking about you. Yep. That's what this Compelling invocation can do.

Call Me Spell

Get Someone To Contact You Spell.

As a reiki master, I work with and use energy fields to channel and transfer universal energy from me to your target. I have perfected this technique as I have been a reiki practitioner for over 20 years. I have mastered several critical methods that allow me to connect with the mind of a remote target and use universal energy to seed the target's mind with suggestive instructions such as; I think I should give (your name ) a call.

Reiki masters, such as myself, can not only seed the target's mind with suggestive instructions. But also trigger emotions and memories. Energy channeling is a super effective tool in cases like these. However, there is an even great power involved with and over this process. El Elyon (The Highest God) can move the heavens and earth to get things done. And that is the primary reason this spell has such a high rate of success.

Contact Me Spell

Contact Me Spell.

As above, so below is a powerful phrase. And it certainly describes the process and techniques used to prompt whomever you want to call, text, email, or use social media to reach out to you. El Elyon works from above in the spiritual plains, and we do our work below down here in the physical realm. Thus you get the best of both worlds coming together to champion your cause. And working hard to manifest results in the form of contact from whoever it is you want.

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Call / Text Me Spell.

The purpose of this compelling allurement is to seed the recipient's mind with powerful thoughts of, about, and for you; this can even penetrate their dreams to spur them to communicate with you. When channeling energy to implant the mental seeds of influence, we focus on the limbic system, the brain's inner workings responsible for emotional and behavioral responses. This technique is the best way to prompt the recipient to start daydreaming or thinking about you and ultimately connecting with you.

Remotely being able to connect with someone is not a new practice. Perhaps the best comparison, explanation, or example is thinking about it as a form of telepathy-because, in essence, that's what it is. I'm bringing this up to help you realize that I'm not just spewing a bunch of mumbo jumbo. It's a scientific fact documented as of 2014—I'm talking about the ability and power to send messages from brain to brain. Scientists have not discovered why some people have this ability, and others don't. But they were able to confirm via scientific testing the ability to transmit thoughts from one brain source to another remotely.

However, what drives a scientist mad is to reproduce and confirm something without being able to determine how it works. They have proof of the concept and can somewhat simulate it with many fancy electronics and gadgets, yet don't have a functioning system without an empathic volunteer. It's a god-given innate ability, and that thought drives them crazy. And I thank god every day that I'm blessed with such a sacred gift. And it is that divine gift and blessing that I want to share with you.

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Manifest Actual Results.

Talking about that divine gift and blessing reminds me of the need to point out the obvious yet most often overlooked fact. This service would not be possible, and even more importantly, would not be successful without the direct involvement of divine power. As said before, El Shaddai, God of gods, can move everything on earth and in the heavens to obtain and manifest actual results; thus, all things become and are made possible. The Great Spirit wants nothing more than to help you obtain your victories and reap the rewards of his blessings.

"As above, so below." This Standard exemplifies the reality that there is consistently a Correspondence between divine influence and cosmic laws that govern all planes of Life. Understanding and Being aligned with this principle (as we are) increases the success rate of our spells a hundredfold. We want to share these divine gifts and blessings with you.

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Compel anyone to communicate with you

We cast powerful spells that work. It is the spiritual connection that allows us to perform super effective spell work for you. Over the years, I've seen many things and can honestly tell you that we've helped so many people get the results they were seeking, even when they thought their situation or condition could not be overcome. I tell you all things are possible. The most significant problems or obstacles can be overcome when higher power is involved.

Have you been waiting for what seems like forever for someone to call? Do you desperately want someone to contact you? Are you in love with or have a big crush on someone and would like them to step up, make the first move and get in touch with you? Has the person you love stopped talking to you? Has a loved one blocked you? Have you been waiting and hoping your ex will reach out to you? Are you looking for a way to re-establish the lines of communication with Them?

If you want someone to call or contact you, this spell can be of help no matter what the reason or situation is. Get in the head and be on the mind of the person you want to call you. This spell can compel someone you care about, like, or love to reach out and contact you via text, social media, phone, email, or any other way.

Call me spell

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